Plant Air Purifier PO-359

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  • Remove Air Pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke,and pm2.5
  • Fresher Air With Anions - A healthy treat to your body & soul
  • Simple & Hassle-free Plug & Play, maintenance-free
  • Stylish Room Decor - Evergreen artificial plant

Features and Specifications

For installation and any servicing issue call 9022120120.

Simple & Hassle-free

It is maintenance-free. No filter replacement is needed. You won’t have to water or prune the grass, either :p

Stylish Decor Room

Not only an air purifier,but also a lovely “plant“ made of artificial grass bringing modern style & a touch of greenery to your space.

Textured Pot

Simplistic shaped & unique textured pot

Easy to Use - Get Connected

Connect the pot to a USB charger / USB port of your power strip or computer with the cable included in the package.

Easy to Use - Plug & Play

Once connected to power, PO-359 will start ionizing & purifying the air with the indication light on.


Plastic Packaging

  • Packaging dimensions: 262*138×106mm
  • Paper Box: 135x115x230mm


  • 1 * Plant air purifier
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * User guide

Power consumption ≤ 0.8W
Dimensions 106*106*240mm
Net Weight 200g
Negative ion concentration 8,000,000 pcs/cm 3
Ozone concentration ≤ 0.02ppm
Applications Office, Living room, Bedroom
Storage temperature (-4°F ~ 140°F )

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