Respro BiVAP Core S/T

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  • Modes: CPAP, S mode, T mode, S/T
  • With Humidifier and Full face mask
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Includes: Main Unit, Heated Humidifier, Carry Bag, Full Face Mask

Features and Specifications

For installation and any servicing issue call 9022120120.

The BiVap CORE ST device is designed to enhance the breathing of patients with spontaneous respiration. The device automatically synchronizes with the patients' respiratory pattern, cycling between IPAP (inspiratory pressure) and EPAP (expiratory pressure). The BiVap CORE ST can be set to a timed mode, where the clinician sets the BPM (breaths per minute) and percent IPAP or it can be set to a combination of spontaneous and timed operation, where the unit cycles in response to the patient's breathing rate, but switches to the timed operation if the patient fails to take a breath within the timed interval. One touch button makes the entire parameter operation easy to use. Customized German motor and special sound insulation material makes very low noise.

Features of BiVAP Machine

  • 3.5"TFT LCD display with easy operation.
  • Interactive operation interface is available. Back-lighting function allow night operation.
  • Fashionable design with fine piano lacquer, convenient for wipe.
  • Respiratory waveform & quality waveform display can achieve real time monitoring of CPAP.
  • Ultra silent design & Delay time step up design.
  • The portable machine adopts imported movement technology, capable of constant heating.
  • Bipap machine is working to achieve human-computer synchronization.

Who should use it?

  • Moderate OSAHS patients
  • Chronic obstructive pneumonia
  • Respiratory failure

Notes of BiVAP Machine

  • Do not apply in bullous lung disease, pneumothorax, severe lack of effective circulating blood volume with shock, coma or with disturbance of consciousness, or don’t cooperate or accept the mask treatment.
  • Do not apply to children, or physical, sensory, intellectual cannot be used safely and without the aid or user under guardianship.

Specifications of BiVAP Machine
Model BiVap CORE ST
Display 3.5’’TFT LCD
Mode CPAP, S, T, S/T
Pressure   4 - 25 cmH2O
Belex(1-3 level)   2 - 4 cmH2O
Ramp 0 - 60 min
IPAP 4 - 25 cmH2O
EPAP 4 - 25 cmH2O
Respiration Rate 4 ~ 40 BPM
Inspiration Time 0.5 ~ 3.0 s
Inspiration Sensitivity 1 ~ 6 level
Expiration Sensitivity 1 ~ 6 level
 Automatic Leakage Compensation Yes 
Automatic Altitude Adjustable Yes
Automatic ON / OFF   Yes
Adjustable Constant Temperature Humidification System Yes
Replaceable Water Chamber   Yes
USB Download to PC  Yes
Sound Pressure Level(10 cmH2O) < 30 dBA
Input Volt.& Freq. 110 - 240 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
Net Weight & Size 1.8 kg, 255 × 170× 112 mm (Host + Humidifier)

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