Respro Automatic CPAP AC20 AER series with Humidifier and mask (US FDA & Ce Approved)

(3 years warranty)

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  • Modes: CPAP, Automatic CPAP (APAP)
  • CPAP Pressure range: 4-20cmH2O
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Includes: Nasal mask, Heated Humidifier, Carry bag, Hose Pipe

Features and Specifications

  • REG algorithm can continuously monitor respiratory events, by analyzing of the physical status of patients, and guarantee the delivery of the optimality of level of therapy.
  • An Auto ramp is designed for the patient's comfort while falling asleep. The system will maintain low pressure for the patient to have an easier start, till patient fell asleep. Then the standard ramp will be implemented.
  • Leakage compensation, circuit compensation, and altitude compensation delivery the guarantee of best accuracy and synchronization

For installation and any servicing issue call 9022120120.

Model AC20
Intended Use OSA
User Type Weight above 30 kg
Weight 1.35 kg
Size 238 x 178 x 128 mm
Screen 3.5 inches, color
Noise Level (ISO80601-2-70) ≤ 28 dB
  • Mode: CPAP, APAP
  • E-COMP*
  • R-CARE**

* E-COMP can help new patients gradually adapt the prescribed pressure by starting from 50% of prescribed pressure with 1 cmH2O increment per day.
**R-CARE allows patients to start from 95% of the therapeutic level accumulated in APAP mode to reduced the incidence of predormitium respiratory events.

CPAP pressure range 4-20 cmH2O
Static pressure accuracy 0.5 cmH2O
Dynamic pressure accuracy 1 cmH2O
Inspiratory trigger sensitivity Auto
Expiratory trigger sensitivity Auto
  • Ramp
  • Respiratory event detection
  • IPR (Intelligent pressure release)
  • Auto ramp
  • Auto altitude adjustable
  • Leakage compensation
  • Auto on/off
  • Mask fit
  • Circuit compensation
  • Auto screen luminance adjustable
  • Energy saving mode
  • Time and alarm clock
  • Unit setting
  • Multi-language setting
  • Performance self-examination
  • Patient report on main screen
  • SpO2, PR
  • Integrated humidifier
  • Auto humidity
  • Preheating
  • Heated tube
  • Anti-leakage in inclined water tank position
  • Water level detection
  • Intelligent tube drying
  • Data storage in main unit (1 year statistical data, 1 week high resolution data)
  • SD card high-resolution data storage (10 years)
  • Wireless transmission (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS)
  • Multi-platform synchronous data sharing for patients and clinicians (Android, iOS, Web)
IP level IP22
SD Card Standard
Nasal Mask Standard
Full Face Mask Optional
Nasal Pillow Mask Optional
Tube (15 mm) Standard
Tube (19 mm) Optional
Heated Tube (19 mm) Optional
WiFi & Bluetooth Module Optional
Bluetooth SpO2 Watch Optional
iMatrix Intelligent Cloud System Optional